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We have determined that organic Facebook advertising is almost dead. Although some smart marketers have found ways to reach potential customers on Facebook through organic channels, most marketers agree that this is now a payment platform for marketers only.

Facebook (FACEBOOK)

Prominent social media, especially Facebook, have improved the way they advertise and they can appeal to the most accurate audience for your business. This is why they serve as one of the best places to advertise your business.

I guess most of you have already encountered a situation where you had to move your site or your customer's from storage A to storage B and you did not really know how to do it… Certainly not in a click!

Interestingly, some marketers have said that the organic reach of Facebook is dead - or at least close.

From ever-popular live videos, to sharing to relying on promotion, marketers have many opinions when it comes to organic achievement.

Setting up a website is a relatively easy thing to do. Make sure it is attractive, functional, accessible and mobile friendly, it is something that can make your business look professional. There are many spectacular designs for different websites to achieve the most appropriate look and potential for your business.

If you have not yet figured it out, 2020 may be the year that many people wake up to the dominance of artificial intelligence (AI). It's sure to be at the heart of global industry and industry in the future - and it's already taking over a lot of simple jobs.



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